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How I can help you

Getting in shape is an amazing and empowering lifestyle change that anyone can achieve.

My Personal Training is about finding what works best for you and having fun along the way.

There may be a sore muscle or two along the way but the amount of confidence and energy you will gain will make it all worth it.

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What can Pilates do for me? It will increase your core strength, Pilates is famously known for its emphasis on...
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Core Strength

I am a core strength specialist and always ensure that there is an element of this in my Personal Training...
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Strength and Conditioning

I am a qualified Strength and Conditioning Coach and the benefits of using Olympic style lifts are felt not only...
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Body Fat Loss

Diet Poor eating habits and bad choices can be improved through the use of meal plans and food diaries. Diet...
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Friendly, fast paced and effective Circuit training, Bootcamp or outdoor group exercise, call it what you like, my unique style...
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Personal Training & Pilates Studio

I have my own Personal Training and Pilates studio at 12 Queens Road, Stonehouse. The studio is a clean, private...
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  • I have become more confident with exercise, not having done much since leaving school. I have also achieved a number of personal goals I never thought possible. This has given me a better quality of life and enabled me to get more involved in various activities with my family and friends... Jeremy is a great motivator and challenges me to always strive to push my personal boundaries to new heights. Simon Pullen
  • Jeremy has been helping me achieve my fitness goals for the past 3 years. Each workout Jeremy provides is tailored for you to achieve exactly what you have discussed. I have learnt so much from Jeremy and his expert knowledge and have benefitted by becoming stronger and leaner. Jeremy is committed and inspirational. I can't recommend him enough. Chrissie Griffiths
  • From the first PT session I really felt that Jeremy managed to keep me motivated and pushed me enough to make me feel I had achieved something without dreading the next session! Throughout the 12 week programme, not once did I feel like it was a chore, in fact I really enjoyed every one. Zoe
  • Jeremy advised us that he can work around us and fit in sessions to suit at a location which was convenient... we have both lost over a stone in weight and have dropped two sizes, feel toned and have increased our energy and fitness levels dramatically Alan and Julie