Poor eating habits and bad choices can be improved through the use of relevant meal plans and if required food diaries. A vital part of any health and fitness regime and often the hardest to change, but with knowledge,  my support and educating yourself it can be achieved and more importantly maintained.


We all know that a certain amount of good quality sleep is essential for fitness, body composition, mental performance and all aspects of a healthy lifestyle. Having worked with a variety of clients, one ever present theme was a lack of sleep. Anything under 7 hours of good quality sleep on a consistent basis has the potential to become detrimental. This is something that not only resonates with me,(having recently become a father at the age of 45)  but many of my clients. Before anything else make good quality sleep a priority and its highly likely good things will happen.


Nutrition acts as a cornerstone to our well being. I place a great deal of emphasis on nutritional advice. I often use a 5 day food diary to encourage clients to think about their food choices. It is found that protein intake is lower than ideal. Protein plays an important part in the recovery process and as a result, anyone one involved in any kind of fitness endeavour has a high requirement. These requirements will vary based on age, body composition and type of exercise. Basically speaking aiming at 4-5 protein rich foods would be ideal from a nutritional prospective.

Fruit and Vegetables

This may seem obvious but eating fruit and vegetables is an undervalued habit. An adequate intake is something that is generally lacking from the majority of people. In striving to correct this you will help to increase your feeling of fullness following meals, which will help you to gain control over your calorie intake. Resulting in achieving your goals.