Jeremy has helped me towards my fitness goals over the last 15 sesssions. Even though I am not a super fit Marathon runner-never my goal. I do feel much better and with his guidance feel less intimidated in the gym setting and also more confident that I can get back into regular exercise on my own. And I will.


If anyone wants to get fit then Jeremy is your man. Honestly our PT sessions were the best I have ever had, I achieved things I never thought possible and ached from head to toe but in a good way !



After many years suffering constant knee pain through high impact sports the day finally arrived when I was informed that I needed a total knee replacement.

I informed Jeremy who has trained me for a number of years of the pending knee operation and he decided to change our sessions so that it would still challenge my general fitness but also strengthen the muscles around the knee joint to assist me with post operation rehab.

I carried on with the range of exercises for a number of months, right up to the day before my operation. I was in hospital for three days then sent home to begin my rehab. I was given a range of exercises to start strengthening the joint immediately and to try to increase my flexibility. The hospital physio team were very pleased with my speedy recovery and put it down to the strengthening I did pre - operation with Jeremy to build up my quads and hamstrings.

After just 4 weeks I was able to return to the gym under Jeremy's guidance to embark on specific exercises to help me get back to good health. At times it was very uncomfortable and I thought I was making little progress, Jeremy has encouraged me and persisted with me. After 19 weeks post operation I feel I have as much strength and flexibility as my good knee.