Why Pilates?

Developed in the early 20th century by Joseph Pilates, “Pilates” is a form of exercise
which uses special movements designed to improve physical strength, flexibility,
posture and enhance mental awareness.

At Jeremy Bingham Pilates we have a modern approach and introduce Pilates balls,
spikey balls, resistance bands, medicine balls and dumb bells to aid your progression.
We follow Pilates methods and sequences to provide a holistic approach that targets all
muscle groups in the body whilst working on posture, functionality and flexibility.

Joseph Pilates 1883 - 1967

What will Pilates do for me?

With expert instruction and regular sessions, Pilates will:

  • Strengthen and tone muscles
  • Strengthen the body's core
  • Alleviate chronic back and joint pain
  • Improve coordination and balance
  • Improve stamina and concentration
  • Increase blood flow, circulation and metabolism
  • Relieve stress
  • Enhance your sporting performance
  • Give you a more upright posture
  • Promote oxygen absorption
  • Provide a safe form of exercise for osteoporosis patients, as well as ante and
    post-natal women.

Can anyone do Pilates?

Pilates is completely customisable for people with varying fitness and health levels. At
Jeremy Bingham Pilates one of the first things I will do is assess your needs and your
capability. That attention to detail will continue as you make progress, as I constantly
review and tailor our approach to make sure you start to feel benefits.

My clients include:

  • Women, men, young, old and everything in between.
  • People with rehabilitation needs following medical treatment or chronic pain
    sufferers – we see many people who’ve been suffering from back, shoulder, hip
    or knee pain.
  • Those looking to improve general fitness, strength and flexibility – particularly
    as they age and often for those living more sedentary lifestyles.
  • Elite sportspeople who want to improve core strength, flexibility and stamina.
  • Women who want to strengthen their tummy and pelvic floor after past
  • People who find gyms or team sports intimidating but know in themselves that
    they need to do something to keep themselves fit

Call me 07748 539 308 to have a chat about how Pilates could work for you or email
An animated history of the remarkable life of Joseph Pilates, creator of the Pilates Technique.