As well as being a Personal Trainer I also teach group exercise classes at Everyone Active in Stratford Park leisure centre, near Stroud and a Bootcamp session close by in Leonard Stanley.

For full details take a look at my group exercise timetable above.


What can Pilates do for me? It will increase your core strength, Pilates is famously known for its emphasis on...
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Core Strength

I am a core strength specialist and always ensure that there is an element of this in my Personal Training...
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Strength and Conditioning

I am a qualified Strength and Conditioning Coach and the benefits of using Olympic style lifts are felt not only...
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Body Fat Loss

Diet Poor eating habits and bad choices can be improved through the use of meal plans and food diaries. Diet...
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Friendly, fast paced and effective Circuit training, Bootcamp or outdoor group exercise, call it what you like, my unique style...
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Personal Training & Pilates Studio

I have my own Personal Training and Pilates studio at 12 Queens Road, Stonehouse. The studio is a clean, private...
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